Where was I ?

Where was I ? 

Taking a break for other projects on the way. The Mississippi photographs are not enough and a story needs to be written. But hey ! I've been writing a lot this summer (On New Orleans, Mauritius and more...) and I have a couple of short stories to share. So organising the website for more to be added.

Oh and had the "wildest" experience about having a cute deep hole in my right knee this summer. Thought I would make souvenirs out of these weeks, which meant a week not going out at all and several ones not being able to run. 

Skin crusts - Constellation from the hole in my knee

Mississippi Encounters

This spring while I was doing research for my photography project 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, was my the first time I stayed in Mississippi. I was blessed by my multiple encounters  from Oxford to Natchez. Some of them are in the pictures below. These Mississippians opened their homes to me, introduced me to their family, drove me to different places, took the time to share stories and experiences, cooked for me and so much more. Most of them didn't even know who I was before I arrived in Mississippi.