Writing + Art

Through these last two months I have been wondering about how to improve the blog (me included). February and March were quite inspirational with the Black History Month and the Women History Month. I saw a lot of tweets and read a lot of articles about people I admire. This made me think about doing something from my perspective. I could be writing on the subjects and people of Art I look at. 

Being quite unsure about how to do all this I decided to try something simple, but what would be the length of my article or even what language should I be using (English or French)? I do lack the English vocabulary when it comes to the Art world. And how would I write on my chosen subjects ? I know how I can be when it comes to doing things I love, I procrastinate. My solution comes from the “simple” approach, I will be doing short articles on artists and their works and even on topics of the art world that attract me in different ways. As for the language, I think that practicing some English will be a good thing. The website is all in English anyway.

I have been thinking of large topics as Feminism, Conceptual Art, Black-ness, Identity in Art, etc. The creatives who came to my mind first are Lorna Simpson, Sophie Calle, Carrie Mae Weems and much more. Their works are all about researching from within. I appreciate the fact that they construct a great amount of work with nearly “nothing”. Lorna Simpson is driven by her experience as a woman and an African-American and Sophie Calle lets strangers enter her world creating something from the interaction she has with them (and sometimes exploring her intimate life and lives of others). As a fine art photographer I tend to read and look more at photographs therefore I will mostly be sharing my point of view on that particular medium I cherish. I will not limit myself though even if I want to put emphasis on the work of Women in Art.